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You’ve had your car serviced in anticipation of winter, and you’ve got your emergency kit safely stowed in the trunk, so you’re ready to hit the road, right? If you’re counting on all-season tires to get you where you’re going, you may not be as ready as you think. In areas where ice, snow, and cold temperatures are a constant in winter, it’s a much better bet to switch to winter tires.

Water in your fuel? Windshield Washer fluid low?

How important is the quality of your fuel? Having too much water in your fuel line can stop your engine and leave you stranded. Plus, topping off your windshield washer fluid can save you from serious injury.

Getting Your Vehicle Ready For Winter

The Fall is upon us, and Old Man Winter is sneaking up behind; ready to pounce! We have time tables for getting our homes ready for the dropping temperatures and ice, but all too often we forget to prepare our vehicles. Here are some easy things to consider to get your vehicle ready for the Ice and Snow.

The Importance of Radiator Care and Coolant Flush

It’s not enough to add more water and anti-freeze to your radiator as the fluid evaporates off. Your car’s cooling system should be flushed–cleaned by circulating water and a cleaning agent throughout the engine–periodically to completely change out the old, dirty fluid.

Car Overheating? What should you do?

If your temperature gauge enters the "RED" or steam is coming out from under your hood, PULL OVER immediately. Continuing to drive your car when it is over heating can cost you more than a simple repair, it could actually cost your the car.

The Eyes Have it!

Humans are visual beings. It's a fact that the majority of the information we glean about our surroundings — and the decisions we make based on that information — comes from things we see.

Keep the Magic

Remember when you were a kid and watched a magic show. Weren’t you amazed by the magician’s tricks? You vowed there were no optical illusions or hidden wires; it was truly magic. Unfortunately, you grew up and realized that those tricks really weren’t magic after all. They might have been physics, but not magic.

The No. 1 Priority

You meant to get the oil changed, but that was 2,000 miles ago—you just got busy. You were running late, so you punched the gas at those stop lights—you know it’s tough on your engine, but you were in a hurry. Take a moment to consider how you really drive—now don’t you want the best protection possible for your engine.

Choose Trustworthiness & Convenience

One of the best things about buying a new product is the peace of mind you get when you know it will be dependable and operate worry-free. The warranties that come with these new products only reinforce that peace of mind.

Tender Loving Care for your Car

With that being said, it’s obvious that owners have to use a little more tender loving care when maintaining their vehicles. And this all begins with the engine—the heart and soul of a vehicle. Perhaps you’re having engine troubles. One issue that is typically associated with older engines is compression problems. This is usually caused by increased friction, oxidation, corrosion or worn piston rings.

The Maintenance Game

When you arrive at your local auto service center, do you sometimes feel like you’re playing "The Dating Game’s” half-cousin, the Maintenance Game. You are the contestant, choosing one oil to accompany you for several thousand miles and protect one of your most valuable assets.

Show Your Older Car Some Love

You've been through a lot with your car, and that's exactly why you love it. Sure, your odometer may have more than a few thousand miles on it, but you wouldn't trade your vehicle for a shiny new one any day. And because you love your car so much, it's important to show it some love.

A Healthy Clean

In today’s era of ever-rising gas prices it is tempting to purchase the cheapest fuel you can find. But did you know the habit of using low-quality fuel can leave behind some nasty remnants in your engine?

Breathe Easy!

Think about the last time you were in heavy traffic. Remember that car you got stuck behind, the ’86 Oldsmobile spewing clouds of noxious white smoke? Remember the teary eyes and hacking cough that afflicted you while your car filled up with smoke?

Breath Easy - National Oil and Lube

A vehicle needs a breath of fresh air once in a while to keep on ticking. To help keep your customers’ vehicles breathing easily — and operating properly — think about offering a "breathe easy" add-on package.

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